MAAA Wingspan

10 Roaring to speeds of up to 400km/hr, pilots from across Australia soared skyward for the first-ever Casino Jet event that was held at Casino Private Airport from March 6-8. The 50 skilled RC turbine-powered jet pilots took to the air, demonstrating the raw power and speed of this thrilling sport to eager spectators who were able to get up close to the aircrafts when they were grounded. Spectators were amazed to learn that the jet models weighed up to 30 kilos and had an average wingspan of 3.5 metres. The Casino Jets event is the first time RC Jet pilots have converged on the Casino Private Airport an event now firm on the Queensland Turbine Flyers (QTF) group annual calendar. Due to its incredible success, there is even talk about holding another event this year. Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Secretary, Tyson Dodd who hosted the QTF event with his father, Kevin Dodd said that this form of the RC Aeromodelling is the closest the group can get without flying a real airplane. “The most exciting thing about RC jets is that it’s basically like flying a full-scale jet from the safety of the ground,” Tyson said. “They sound and fly exactly like a full-scale jet and it’s amazing to see how fast they can get.” Tyson said he was excited to take to the Casino’s skies and was thankful to the Richmond Valley Council for sharing the location with them. “It’s fantastic that with the proper processes in place with the Landowners (Council) and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority we have had the opportunity to fly at the Casino airport and I’m thrilled we were able to share the new location with our inter-state Model Aeronautical Association of Australia members,” he said. “We’d also like to say thank you to the Richmond Valley Council for allowing us to fly at such a great location.” Soaring Sky High For First-Ever Casino Jets, Jet-Together