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12 WING SPAN NOVEMBER heritage story: BRIAN WINCH A LASTING LEGACY TO A LARGER THAN LIFE AEROMODELLER MAAA Hall of fame recipient and renowned aeromodeller, Brian Winch will be remembered as an avid modeller, who for more than 40 years, dedicated his service to the promotion and development of aeromodelling in Australia. Brian, a larger than life character, sadly passed away on Saturday, August 24. President of the ANSW, Tim Nolan said Brian was an avid aeromodeller, with an opinion on most aspects of life, modelling, engine design, manufacturing and especially what oil you should use. “There would be very few modellers who have not been influenced in some way or had some contact with Brian to draw on his expertise,” said Tim. “Aeromodelling was something Brian was always keen on, but his real passion and specialty was his love of engines, either two-stroke or four-stroke, diesel, methanol and in later years, petrol. His engine tests were all carried out with remarkable precision and he always had time to assist anyone. “He was the person you would ask when an engine was not running well, or when you couldn’t get it started. He had an uncanny ability to find or solve most sorts of trouble with engines, enter ‘Hanger 33’ and the ‘oily hand.’ Woe behold people who insisted on using castor oil in their engines.” Aside from his love of aeromodelling, Brian was a retired police sergeant with many years on some of the toughest beats in NSW. He finished off his service at Campbelltown Local Area Command. Brian was well-known throughout the aeromodelling community but was also known for his articles that were published in magazines such as; Airborne, RCM News, Flat Out RC, RCME and several other English and foreign magazines. “Brian was a long-time supporter of the MAAA- being a long-serving member for more than 40 years, and with the Sydney Society of Model Engineers at Luddenham, where many would have seen him on Open Days in his orange overalls,” said Tim. “He was admitted into the MAAA Hall of fame on November 11, 2013 for his many years of dedicated service to aeromodelling and the MAAA. “Brian always attended most of the bigger competitions such as Albury and Muswellbrook, Cowra and Wagga Wagga, where he spent most of his time either tuning engines for various modellers or talking. “Shirley, his beloved wife passed away earlier this year and she was sorely missed by Brian and his friends. He has gone to join Shirley and many other great Australian aeromodellers who have passed.” Brian’s memory will live on with the many aeromodellers he helped, all the thousands of articles he published and the thousands of engines all over the globe that he serviced, repaired and cared for.