MAAA Wingspan

26 27 WING SPAN FEBRUARY MAAALogo. FEBRUARY WING SPAN out & About: world’s elite fly skyward for championships “The Western Downs is emerging as a premier events destination in Queensland and this event is another opportunity for our region to showcase all we have to offer,” Cr Ashurst said. “Spectators were treated to jaw- dropping aerobatics, with flying models with wingspans of up to 3 metres taking to our skies across the last weekend of November. “Council is proud to support the event, which enhanced the region’s reputation as a tourism destination and energized local businesses.” The Event has been running for 13 years though this is the first year it has been open to the Asia-Pacific. Results: IMAC Basic category: Owen Mitchell Sportsman category: Jorge Berra Jr Intermediate category: Peter Pennisi Advanced category: Harshil Mane Unlimited category: Sacha Cecconi Freestyle: 1. Kal Reifsnyder 2. Sacha Cecconi 3. Aaron Garle 4. Marius Baumgartner 5. Josh Bayes 6. Jorge Berra Jr The world’s top aeromodellers in radio-controlled aerobatics showcased their aerial skill and precision as hundreds of spectators looked to the skies over the Western Downs in Queensland for the first Asian Pacific Radio Control Aerobatic Championships, held from November 29- December 1. This unique and exciting competition saw 65 top national and international pilots soar skywards in an aerial display like no other, with wingspans of three metres, performances to music, while being powered by 200cc engines. Event Director, Michael Hobson said spectators were treated to jaw-dropping aerobatics, a thrilling weekend of high flying entertainment- welcoming a record number of international competitors. Pilots flew into the Dalby Model Aero Club from as far as the United States, Mexico, France, Italy, India and Japan. “Dalby was chosen for its ability to host such a large aeromodelling event with the region offering first-rate facilities and fantastic community support,” he said. “It was an incredible event, which saw more than 400 people from across the Western Downs and beyond come to view the thrilling display of our aircraft, some performances were even choreographed to music. The event was split into two separate categories including precision flying and freestyle- it was a spectacular highlight. “There was also plenty of model aircraft on display, and plenty of food and drink on sale with all proceeds going to the Dalby Model Aero Club. A big thanks to all the volunteers, our members and the Western Downs Regional Council for their support. “The wider community got to take in the excitement of our sport,” Michael said. Spokesperson for Economic Development Councillor, Donna Ashurst said the event delivered another boost to the local economy, with hundreds of people attending the three-day event.