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28 WING SPAN NOVEMBER Management Matters: 2020 Club Assistance Scheme officially open Our clubs are an integral part of the camaraderie, friendship and fun our sport is proud to have. The MAAA understands that to continue the legacy and further the future of the sport, there needs to be continued financial assistance to clubs so that they can improve their facilities, increase activities and provide quality flying sites. The MAAA is proud to announce that applications for the 2020 Club Assistance Scheme have officially opened as of February 1st (applications close on May 1st). Over the past four years, the scheme has successfully distributed $205,000 for club projects, supporting over 100 clubs and improving flying facilities across Australia. Clubs can receive up to $5,500 for club-related projects such as light construction, assist with purchases, earthworks, club related activities, administration and emergency assistance. The MAAA recognises the importance of investing in our clubs to support not only the culture and camaraderie but to give access to financial assistance and support for clubs in need. The annual Club Assistance Scheme has been designed to give members access to financial assistance and support so you can enjoy the thrill and fun of the sport with the best facilities and flying fields. In 2019 many of our clubs reaped the benefits of applying for the Club Assistance Scheme. One of themwas the Ballarat Aeromodellers club who were able to purchase a defibrillator- much needed first-aid equipment that could potentially save a life if required. With a large majority of the members over the age of 60, members stated that it was money well spent. Recently the club had a paramedic come out and explain to members how to use the defibrillator in the case of an emergency. 2020 Club Assistance Scheme is officially open 29 NOVEMBER WING SPAN MAAALogo. Listed below are some examples of possible projects that your club could benefit from as a result of a successful funding application: Light construction Clubhouse building extensions, safety and/or security fencing, pilot boxes, set up or maintenance benches. Assist Purchase Storage containers, lawnmowers, water tanks, irrigation systems, solar power, windsocks, first aid kits or trainer aircraft. Earthworks Grading services, purchase of soil and road base, grass seeds and fertilisers, plants and trees. Activities Open days, advertisements, trophies and prizes, hire of portable facilities, electricity generators, temporary seating and temporary shade structures. Administration Club establishment costs, council development applications, acoustic engineering reports, environmental impact assessments. Emergency Assistance Expenses faced by clubs that might require assistance as a result of flood, fire, disasters or criminal activities, (which may not be covered under MAAA Property Insurance). To assist clubs with preparing a submission for the scheme, a ‘how-to’ guide has been compiled. Detailed information on this procedure and further material can be found at: support/club-financial-support Ballarat Aeromodellers club were able to purchase a defibrillator - much needed first-aid equipment that could potentially save a life if required. MAAALogo. FEBRUARY WI SP