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Experience the thrill of flight with the MAAA!
With more than 300 clubs and thousands of
members, the MAAA provides much more
than insurance. At MAAA clubs, you’ll receive
the best advice, instructors and knowledge
backed by the MAAA’s support and advocacy.
Your flying experience and valuable
feedback also help the MAAA to innovate,
lead and protect the future of our sport.
What does the MAAA do for our clubs?
As the leading national aeromodelling
organisation in Australia, the MAAA helps
your club to provide the highest level of
Safe Skies
If you are a member or club with safety
concerns the MAAA is the only national body
in Australia recognised by the Civil Aviation
Safety Authority (CASA) as a model aviation
Recreational Aviation Administrative
Being recognised by CASA means we can
assist your club with public displays, night
flying, and more, and we can help you reduce
Club Assistance Scheme
The MAAA offers insurance for your
protection and peace of mind, but our
services extend so much further. We lead
and protect the future of our sport, giving a
voice to our members.
Clubs can apply for our Club Assistance
Scheme, which has previously supported
the purchase of firefighting and mowing
equipment and the construction of shaded
areas and toilet blocks for some of our clubs
across the country.
We offer our services so you can safely
enjoy the adrenalin rush of a seriously fun
flight and get access to the best facilities
to fly, build models and form great
Speak to your club or visit our website
and join the MAAA today!
Peter EdwardBrien
It is with sadness that the MAAA received
news of Peter’s passing following a long
battle with illness. Peter exhibited great
leadership skills and definitely made a
huge contribution to aeromodelling in
Western Australia.
Peter was a member of the MAAA Council for a number of years
and made extremely valuable contributions to the future of our
sport. He was one who had a good business acumen and was
not afraid to think outside the norm. Although staunchly working
for Western Australian aeromodellers, he also had the ability to
always consider the national interest.
Peter’s foresight and planning brought the 2016 World
Championships control line to Perth and this would not have
occurred without his advocacy. Peter did not only compete, he
got in and worked for all aeromodellers, his passing is a huge
loss to our community and we pass on our deepest condolences
to his family.
International Competition Information
Team selection trials for the 2016 World Championships for Scale
Model Aircraft are to be held on the following dates and locations.
F4C 18 October 2015 at the NFG/State field, Victoria.
Contact Noel Whitehead
Closing date for applications 1 October 2015.
F4H weekend of the 12th and 13th of December 2015 NSW State
flying field in Cootamundra.
Contact Anthony Ogle
Closing date for applications Friday 13 November 2015.
As is normal practice with scale trials, a $200 non refundable
entry fee applies.
MAAA Members are able to maintain their own personal details in the membership system, just go to
the MAAA website
under the Membership tab, click on Membership Registration and the
instructions for creating you own account for access to the membership system are available.
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