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All in the family

The MAAA want to help our clubs so that members enjoy their

sport and the camaraderie of their community more. We want

members to get more out of their membership as well as

stay with your club longer. There is an enormous amount of

knowledge withinin our clubs about what you can do to give your

members the best experience.

Ways tohelpyourmembersgetmoreout of


• Family, social events are a great way to welcomemember’s

families to our flying community so they not only

understand the sport but will feel more inclined to come

down to the club and get involved when possible.

• There is an enormous amount of knowledge in the MAAA

community, so why not utilise that expertise and bounce

ideas off other clubs to see what works for them. If you’ve

got a great story, share it with us, and we’ll publish it.

• Weekend workshops and flight training are a great way for

members to improve their skills.

Next Steps to take:

• Stay updated on breaking news, tips and tricks and events

by liking the

MAAA Facebook page

• Make sure your club is listed on the MAAA website. To submit

your club’s details, go to


and simply fill out the form. To update an active

listing, simply click the ‘Update to an existing listing’ field.

• Request amarketing pack (available late March) Email our

to run a “Have a Go Fly Day” at your

local field

• Email our

to share club success

or member stories so we can share these with your


And watch out for our Member Update launching the Have a

Go Flying Day in March.

• The Holdfast Model Aero Club in SA

offer free flying lessons every Sunday

to novice pilots as part of their Low

Cost Integrated Flight Training (LIFT)

program. It provides a great opportunity

for friends to get together, share their

collective knowledge and have a lot of

fun along the way.

• Get your members recognised by

sending in your stories to

. We would love

to hear about outstanding members

and what they are doing to support and

grow the sport of modelling. We’ll either

publish these stories in Wingspan or on

the MAAA Facebook page.

• We want members to feel proud of

their clubs. If you have had some great

success with keeping your members

happy and engaged, we would love

to hear from you. Send an email or

message us on Facebook web.facebook.


• There are pilots out there who for health,

physical or financial stresses cannot

continue their joy of flying. Clubs may be

able to extend a helping hand by offering

volunteer or social memberships to

keep these pilots in the loop. They

may no longer be able to fly, but they

have a terrific amount of knowledge

and expertise that can benefit your

members, whether supporting and

educating novice pilots or helping with

current members skill development. It’s

also a great opportunity for these pilots

to continue to play an active role in their


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