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keep hydrated and wear a hat and

sunscreen whilst out on the field!

Stayhydrated in the


When flying under the scorching

summer sun, simple precautions

need to be taken to avoid

dehydration, sun damage and


It can be all too easy to get so

caught up in the thrill of flight with

your mates, that you forget to

keep hydrated throughout the day.

Maintaining your water intake while

on the field is a must, preventing

any heat stroke or feeling faint. As

important as the water consumption

is, so too is wearing a hat and

continually applying sunscreen.

Keeping your skin protected from

the sizzle of the sun will eliminate

any risks of getting burnt or feeling


Reporting incidents

Creating a 75-year legacy

as Australia’s largest flying

organisation, the MAAA is always

committed to providing the best

and safest flying experience for our


We can effectively manage accidents

and incidents for our members and

clubs, to ensure that the airways are

always safe and our pilots are injury


When an accident or incident occurs,

the MAAA takes those affected

under their wing, ensuring that our

members get back to safe, fun flying

sooner. This is achieved through

managing any insurance claims on

their behalf as well as assistance

or corrective action when required.

If an accident or incident occurs,

we speak directly with clubs and

members to ensure that they are

safe, they feel supported and that a

resolution is reached quickly.

Unlike any other association,

the MAAA conduct thorough

investigations in order to ascertain

what accidents or incidents are

trending. We then seek to put

corrective action in place, reducing

the potential risks for all the MAAA

community while protecting the

reputation and future of the sport

loved by many.

The MAAA has built an online Incident

and Accident Management tool for

clubs. Read our 7 simple steps for

managing an incident and accident


Read our FAQ’s


to help you

better ascertain what type of

incidents and accidents are dealt

with by the MAAA, who needs to

complete an accident/incident

or investigation report and what

happens with third party insurance

claims. You can also now complete

an Incident Report and Investigation

Report online


Take care of each other and safe