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successful hobby. When welcoming

newmembers, many of our clubs have

found that showcasing their friendly

club environment through a BBQ or

sausage sizzle event, has always been

a hit. This is a great opportunity to

meet everyone face-to-face as well as

encouraging family to come along and

get involved. Finally, a comprehensive

welcome pack to newmembers

should provide all the information and

contact details required to take to the

skies safely.

This pack can include the following,

but feel free to personalise it to suit

your club:

• A personal welcome from the Club

President or Secretary

• Important contact details with

an introduction to your executive

members and flight instructors

• Some information on the club,

its history, flight schedule and


• Tips on flying for beginners from

members of your club

• A social events calendar

• Simple information, like where to

find the tea, coffee and facilities

or a checklist of what to bring

(water bottle, hat and sunscreen)

• Information on how people can

become involved and help out

• Insider tips on local weather

conditions and the best times to


• Club website address wheremore

details can be found.

• Some tips on creating a welcome

pack are available via the MAAA



Plant theseedandwatch

it grow

When it comes to our sport loved by

somany, growth in clubmemberships

allows members to share your passion

for your sport withmore people and

let themexperience the thrill of

flight that has captivated somany

Australians. It also enables your

club to access more funds tomake

improvements to your facilities and

to gainmore recognition from your

mates and your local community.

Here are some simple tips that may

assist in the process.

• Host a “Have a Go Fly Day” (the

MAAA are in the process of

developing amarketing pack)

to help you. Please


, to let

us know if you are interested

in receiving a pack. This event

allows your current members to

show off their skills and passion

for flying.

• Use Facebook to promote your

club andmake it easier for your

clubmembers to engage online.

• Promote ways that people can

try the sport of aeromodelling at

your club

• Offer free flying lessons to

interested parties or organise a

members night where everyone

can bring along a friend

• Share a story with our flying

community on how your club

has successfully attracted new


• Run interclub events



The MAAA encourages clubs to hold

public events, welcoming the local

community and allowing them

to ‘have a go’. We want to see our

fantastic sport grow- it really is a

sport that can be enjoyed by the

whole family. In order to share the

excitement of aeromodelling in a

fun and safe environment, here are

some tips to ensure your event flies


• Decide on a date and time for

your event- you need to think

about who you want to attract,

families, fathers and sons or

daughters? Does your event date

clash with any other local or

major events that could affect the

turn out?

• Create a timetable of key

activities for your event

• Consider why you are running the

event- Is it being run as a social

get-together for your club and

their family or is it amembership


• When organising and hosting an

event for your club youmay need

to consider public liability and

insurance (contact the MAAA if

you have any queries)

• Event permits- contact your local


• Community awareness- have

you told the neighbours ahead of


• Traffic management and car

parking- do you have enough

parking to cater for visitors?

• First Aid- howmany qualified

personnel do you need? Is anyone

at the club qualified?

• Risk Management- assess any

potential risks at events.

• Sample application forms for

display permits and flight line

Director Statements are provided

in the MOP Procedures and Forms

section of the MAAA website

• You will require a CASA Display

permit if your club is not within an

approved area. If you are within a

CASA approved area, you will need

to advise your State Association.

If you are a small club, your state

or the MAAA may be able to help

you fund the permit fee. Ask your

state first. If they are unable to

help contact the MAAA.