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Despite the usual sibling rivelry and

competition when it comes to their

hobby of flying, as soon as the boys

step onto the flying field, they band

together, ensuring all their models

take to the skies safely.

“It’s really important for the future of

the sport, to encourage the younger

generation to fly, especially when it

comes to traditional modelling,” said


“Not only is it a great bonding

experience for my family to all fly

together, but for my boys to be able

to create something with their hands,

firing up their imagination and

watching their models fly, is a great

source of knowledge and achievement

for them. They are learning to

build an aircraft as well as learning

aerodynamics,“ said John about the

educational aspect of the sport.

But themost powerful aspect of

this hobby passed on through the

generations is the freedom to fly. Billy

knew it and John recognises it too.

John said, “I can see why they love

it somuch. It’s easy to love the pure

thrill that comes with free flight flying,

where you can watch your model fly

like a bird.”

John said he is overwhelmed by how

welcoming both the SSME and NSW

FFS have been in welcoming his boys

into their clubs; sharing their stories,

teaching them skills they have learned

over lifetimes of flying, broadening his

boys knowledge of flying more than he

could do alone.

With a bright future ahead of them,

John hopes that more young people

take up the sport of modelling.

His dream is for high schools to

incorporatemodel building and

flying into their curriculumas part of

a science elective on aeronautical

engineering or construction perhaps,

where students put down the Ipads

and learn to create something from

scratch with their own hands; turning

their imagination into a reality.