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growing our membership for our

sport to

soar higher in 2017

MAAA Clubs are about fun flying,

camaraderie and community. As

the backbone of support for local

clubs, the MAAA’s focus for 2017 is in

helping clubs to grow as well as giving

your members the best experience,

ensuring they get more from their

membership and continue to fly with

your club for longer. There aremany

benefits to attracting newmembers,

one being that it can help you fund

more club facilities. The MAAA are

always looking at ways to support our

clubs and this year we’ll be launching

a “Have a Go Flying Day” program in


With MAAA’s 75 year heritage, there is

a large ‘collective knowledge’ across

our clubs on how to attract, welcome

and nurturemembers young and old,

as well as creating a strong sense

of community and camaraderie

around our sport. So in 2017, we will

be looking for and sharing success

stories fromour clubs on what works

best for them. If you’ve got a great

club story or even a great member

story email us at

In the 2016 Annual Member Survey

members and club executives shared

their experience and suggestions

on how to attract newmembers and

encourage them to stay longer. We

have taken on that feedback and have

shared some of your great ideas in

this article.



Members unanimously said the best

experience a newmember could get

is a warmand friendly welcome. Here

are some of the suggestions members


• Give your newmembers a warm,

friendly welcome

• Make sure all members get a

consistent experience

• Give theman induction around

the club

• Assign themwith a flying buddy

• Understand their interest in

model flying

• Look at ways you can help them

develop their skills

• Give them some tips to get them

off the ground safely

• Run a social event for all

members and their families.

Making a good first impression is key.

Think back to when you first started

with your club. What was important to

you? What did your club do well? What

could have been improved? What do

you see other clubs do well? How can

you bring these learnings into your


By making sure all newmembers

are greeted by a trained club official,

allows them to learn the ropes,

ask questions and find their feet a

lot quicker- as it can be daunting

at first turning your passion into a