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Taking to the skies and watching

your aircraft soar, provides the

greatest thrill and fun for any

modeller. Whether you are young

or old, just finding your wings or a

professional pilot, you can safely

enjoy the adrenalin rush of a

seriously fun flight, while forming

great friendships.

In order to keep our airways safe

and minimise any serious injuries to

our pilots, there is some basic first

aid advice our members can follow,

so that you can continue to enjoy

the fun, thrills and camaraderie,

knowing that everyone within your

club are in safe hands.

Don’t flyalone

Aside from having fun on the field,

personal safety as well as the

safety of others, should always be

at the forefront of any modeller’s

mind. The MAAA encourages its

10,000+ members to get out and

enjoy the sport of modelling, while

surrounding yourself with like-

minded friends.

When flying a model aircraft, it is

important that you never fly alone

and always have a second set of

eyes, not only on the skies, but to be

there if an accident were to happen.

Even if you are an experienced pilot,

accidents can occur at any time.

Flying with a friend (a fellow club

member) not only ensures your

safety in an event of an accident but

there is always someone there to

call emergency personnel or provide

first aid.

If for some reason you are on the

field flying alone, it is advised that

you have a process in place, so that

someone knows where you are at

all times. Our fields can be isolated

from the public and if you are flying

alone and had an accident, it could

take hours for someone to find you

and alert authorities. We advise

that clubs also have an emergency

procedure in place to mitigate any

risk to club members in an event of

an accident or serious injury.



The MAAA is the only national body

in Australia that is recognised

by CASA for model aviation as a

recreational aviation administrative

organisation. Our task and

mission is in helping to make

model aeroplane flying safer for

everyone to enjoy. But with any

sport, accidents can happen and

it is important to follow the right

safety procedures to ensure all

club members are safe and that the

person injured is treated with the

right level of care.

Even experienced pilots face

problems when flying. There

have been cases where a pilot’s

transmitter has slipped from

their hand while pre-flighting his

electric powered model. This has

resulted in the model starting up,

moving forward and cutting off the

modeller’s fingers.

Another example of an on field

accident, has been when a model

has been flying normally, hit

turbulence and struck another

modeller on the ground, causing

serious injury and lacerations.

As a regular modeller, it is important

to have a clear understanding

of your club’s rules and know

the location of the emergency

equipment (first aid, fire blanket,


When an accident/injury occurs

you can follow these simple safety


• Check for danger to you and

your bystanders and then the

injured person

• Check whether the person is

conscious and whether they are

responding to you

• Send for help (call 000)

• Check whether the injured

person is breathing and

whether their airways are clear

• Assess how you can help with

the injury (whether that be

applying pressure to the wound)

• Monitor the person’s breathing

until help arrives

• If the adult is not breathing

and is unconscious, then an

experienced person in CPR can

attempt to resuscitate until the

ambulance personnel arrives.