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The MAAA’s focus for 2017 is to grow

our sport through new memberships

as well as nurturing and supporting

our long-serving, dedicated members.

We want to give our members the best

possible flying experience and continue

to create a strong sense of community

and camaraderie around the sport.

With this goal in mind, we are currently

embarking on a membership drive

titled “Towards 11,000”. Membership

has remained steady for the past few years, new members

joining have equalled those who do not renew. If nothing else,

there are two issues that we want to concentrate on; both these

issues are linked to membership.

1. Members must be able to continue flying at fields which

present safe and friendly flying facilities.

Members today and in the past have worked hard to provide

model flying environments that are safe, enjoyable and provide

facilities for all disciplines of aeromodelling. Members young

and old generally intermingle and share their advice and

experience- age is no barrier. I remember many years ago seeing

my (then) young son sitting at the club and discussing the past

aeromodelling and wartime aviation experience with one of

our eighty-year-old members- the age between the two meant

nothing. There is an enormous amount of knowledge within our

clubs, members may not agree on all occasions but all are in it

for the challenges and thrills the hobby/sport presents. Through

association with the MAAA, members are provided with many

exciting opportunities including the opportunity to compete

intrastate, interstate and overseas. Many of us nowadays

prefer social flying to competition, however no matter what is

preferred, the clubs provide the opportunities so that you can


Australian flying fields are equal and in many cases better than

those enjoyed by our modelling counterparts overseas. All this

has been achieved through the hard work of past and present



Neil Tank


Mr Neil Tank

Vice President:

Mr Carl Bizon


Mr Kevin Dodd


Mr Brian Dowie

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public to an event, feel free to advertise it on the

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